Pain Behind The Knee When Walking

Pain in the posterior aspect of the knee in most cases develops suddenly as a result of an injury. However in fewer cases, it will develop gradually over time. This pain is manifested in either of the ways below. A generalized pain behind the knee A swelling or a sharp pain that might restrict movement. […]

Osgood Schatter In Adults and Children

Osgood schlatter disease also known as knobby knee is a painful inflammation of the cartilage, bone and/or tendon at the top end of the shinbone where the tendon coming from the knee attaches. Movement that involves repetitive and painful extension of the leg can lead to tenderness at the very point where the patellar tendon […]

Pain In Back Of Knee – What You Need To Know

Posterior knee pain or pain in back of knee is soreness or discomfort behind the knee joint. This pain, which can limit movement if it is too severe, may occur without or with movement. People who have experienced it may describe it as pain, discomfort, stiffness, inflammation, soreness, burning or increased warmth. Various problems can […]

Patellofemoral syndrome – Causes and Treatment

Patellofemoral syndrome is a condition of having pain in the front of the knee. The syndrome frequently occurs in athletes, teenagers and manual laborers. The symptom can sometimes be caused by softening, roughening and wearing down of the cartilage that is under the knee cap. Patellomafemoral is known to be one of the most causes […]

Back of Knee Tendonitis – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Back of knee tendonitis (also tendinitis) occurs when the hamstring tendon gets damaged or inflamed because of excessive strain or force being put on the tendon. The hamstring tendon is the soft tissue that connects the hamstring muscle to the outer features of the knee. The most common cause of this condition is through overuse of […]

What is a Baker’s Cyst?

For those wondering what is a baker’s cyst, well, it can be defined as a swelling which can potentially form at the back of your knee. These fluid filled cysts usually cause a bulge accompanied with an awful feeling of tightness or pain behind the knee. The pain typically increases if you attempt to stretch, […]

Posterior Knee Pain – Causes and Treatment

Posterior knee pain can be due to a number of reasons, the pain may develop over time and this is an indication that part of the knee has a problem. Sometimes the pain develops suddenly because of an injury; by paying attention to the common symptoms that you experience and to how your pain behaves, […]

Swelling Behind Knee – What Could it Be?

Swelling behind knee is often cause for concern as it may well be something serious which needs further investigation to determine what caused the swelling to occur. Swelling behind the knee or a swollen knee is a very common issue to have and is often called “water on the knee”. Swelling can be sever or very […]

Running Pain Behind Knee – Treat Pain Behind the Knee From Running

Many runners experience pain behind their knee, if you experience while running, pain behind the knee then you need to cease any exercise or strenuous activity and get yourself to a knee specialist or at least your local doctor and have it further investigated. Running pain behind knee is no laughing matter and shouldn’t taken […]

ICD 9 Code For Knee Pain

ICD codes are codes developed by the WHO (World Health Organization) to provide a diagnostic tool for classifying diseases. ICD is the acronym for ‘International Classification of Diseases” and is published by the WHO and distributed globally. Read more at wikipedia ICD 9 is the ninth revision of the ICD codes. The icd 9 code for knee pain […]

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