Running Pain Behind Knee – Treat Pain Behind the Knee From Running

Many runners experience pain behind their knee, if you experience while running, pain behind the knee then you need to cease any exercise or strenuous activity and get yourself to a knee specialist or at least your local doctor and have it further investigated.

Running pain behind knee is no laughing matter and shouldn’t taken trivially, further damage could result if you do not have the injury treated.

Knee pain from running is so common, that the term “runners knee”  ( clinical name,  patellofemoral pain syndrome) has been coined to describe the condition.

There are a number of possible causes for pain behind knee from running to occurrunning pain behind knee

  1. Overuse – put simply the nerves and tendons in the knee can become irritated from the repeated action of bending the knee.
  2. Blunt trauma – some kind of trauma to the knee can lead to running pain behind the knee. Hitting the knee into something solid or falling on it will cause this condition to occur.
  3. Overweight – Being overweight naturally brings more load to bear on the joints of the body, in particular knees can “wear out” quicker from running whilst overweight.
  4. Misaligned bones – If the bones of the knee, knee cap, thighs, legs or feet our out of their proper alignment, then the load the knee would normally distribute becomes skewed, with some parts of the knee carrying more weight than others. This imbalance leads to pain.
  5. Feet problems – Having flat feet (overpronation or fallen arches) can result in pain in a runners knee. Flat footed people plant their feet in a manner that causes the arches of the feet to collapse, this intern stretches the muscles and tendons of the knee (overpronation can often result in whats commonly known as shin splints, where a runner feels sharp pain during and after running.

Treatment For Running Pain Behind Knee

As mentioned above get yourself to a doctor, but you can also help the injury by immediately taking weight of the knee, use the rice method, Rest, Ice, compression and elevation whilst you wait for your doctors appointment.

  • Cortisone –
  • Physiotherapy – Can be useful in particular if your pain has been caused by straining the knee or some kind of blunt force injury.
  • Rest – Using the good old RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) method is still one of the best ways to heal any injury.
  • Anti-inflammatorys  – Dull the pain and bring down the swelling by using doctor prescribed anti-inflammatory medication
  • Orthotics – if your running induced pain behind knee is caused by “flat feet” then getting proper orthotics fitted by a podiatrist will help alleviate the pain.

As with all injuries of the knee you need to err on the side of caution when it comes to rest, better to rest too long rather than injure they knee again, this means NO running until the knee has healed, yes I’m talking to you fanatical runners that think its OK to run through the pain, I can speak from experience and it was a painful lesson… when in doubt, until you are pain free stay off the knee and even once the pain has gone, take things easy for a while and build up your running distances over a few weeks.

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